Payment and Shipping

When will I receive my download link after a purchase?

What type of payments do you accept?

Will I receive anything in the mail (post)?

If I purchase a license, are the updates free?

Getting Started

What is the limitation of the Demo version of AVmixer?

How do I install the software after it's downloaded?

What type of media does Neuromixer software support?

What video codec is recommended for AVmixer?

Is there an online forum for AVmixer?

How do I play a video?

How to I display the final output to a external projector or video screen?

Technical Questions

How do I get started using AVmixer?

How do I improve the video playback speed (FPS)?

What video codec is recommended for AVmixer?

How do I convert my video to other MOV compression?

How do I remove the top Mac OSX menu bar in Full-screen mode?

'Save' under Edit top menu bar does not work

“there’s no MSVCR120.dll file on the disk” error when launching on Windows

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