Instructions: click on either 'Windows' or 'Mac' icon to download your free AVmixer trial package. Un-zip and to your documents folder, double click on the application icon to run.

AVmixer Pro 2.5 Trial Version* PC Windows Mac OSX
AVmixer Lite 2.5 Trial Version* PC Windows Mac OSX
Freeframe Plug-ins    
Pete's Plug-ins (Free) PC Windows Mac OSX
TouchOSC Templates  
AVmixer Pro OSC Templates  AVmixer Lite OSC Templates
Archived (Unsuported) Versions    
AVmixer Pro 2.41* PC Windows Mac OSX
AVmixer Lite 2.31* PC Windows Mac OSX

* For the trial version of AVmixer Pro and Lite software, the final output screen will disable after 20 minutes from launch. You may re-launch the software to continue using it.