Instructions: click on either 'Windows' or 'Mac' links to download your free AVmixer trial package. Un-zip and to your documents folder, double click on the application icon (red logo) to run.

AVmixer Free Trial:    
AVmixer Pro 2.7 Demo* PC Windows Mac OSX
AVmixer Lite 2.7 Demo* PC Windows Mac OSX
Utility Software:    
BatchConverter 1.1 PC Windows Mac OSX
TouchOSC Templates  
AVmixer Pro OSC Templates  AVmixer Lite OSC Templates

AVmixer User Manual


AVmixer Pro User Manual PDF [Download]

AVmixer Lite User Manual PDF [Download]

 * All features are unlocked in the demo (trial) version of AVmixer Pro and Lite. However, the final output will disable 20 minutes after launch. You can re-start to continue using the demo software. Once you have purchased a license online, you will receive a download link instantly.