AV performance using Ableton Live & AVmixer

Ableton Live is one of the popular music DAW softwares on the market today. Beyond music production, it has a powerful loop based clip launching feature that is perfect for live performance, hence the software name 'Live'. By connecting Ableton with AVmixer using MIDI protocol, you can control almost every feature on AVmixer during your set directly from Live. This is ideal for someone who's interested in incorporating video into their show and giving the audience a complete audio visual experience.

Download this demo AVmixer Ableton Live project file here.

In this demo video Fader is using one of the Live's DJ example demo project. By adding additional MIDI tracks sending MIDI messages directly to AVmixer, you can control almost every aspect of the video. Once the Live project has been setup, you can focus on your live performance and don't have to physically interact with AVmixer at all during the show.

Check out this video tutorial by VJ Fader and find out how to set it up, featuring visual content by Catmac on AVLoops.

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