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AVmixer Lite main interface
AVmixer Lite
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AVmixer Lite

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Want to start VJing? AVmixer Lite is the software you’re looking for!

This powerful HD audio-video mixing software puts all the controls at your fingertip. With real-time image effects, 3 video channels and a bunch of adjustments tools easily organized in a touchscreen-friendly interface, AVmixer is one of the top VJ live video mixer software.

Try AVmixer Lite free demo version! 

Key Features:

- 3 video channels
- Touchscreen-friendly interface
- Camera input as video source
- Support wide range of video and image formats (MOV, AVI, JPG, GIF...)
- MIDI support for hardware and software controllers
- Software Keystone
Syphon (Mac) and Spout (PC) support

System Requirements:
- Windows or Mac OSX
- Latest Quicktime player installed 
- Some additional third-party drivers (for PC users only)