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AVmixer Pro has Real-time video effects you can apply Live

Thanks to these features your visuals will flow nicely with any style of dance music. Its intuitive interface is a no-brainer for anyone to start VJing. It can play any video and image formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, JPGBasically, you can mix any video your Quicktime Player can play, even GIFs!

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Key Features:
• Real-time effects chain
• 3 video channels
• Touchscreen-friendly interface
• Camera input as a video source
• Search and mix GIFs from Giphy
• MIDI controller support
• Software Keystone 
• Syphon (Mac) and Spout (PC) support

Fully documented user manual
AVmixer Lite user manual

System Requirements:
- Windows or Mac OSX
- Latest Quicktime player installed 
- Some additional third-party drivers
(for PC users only) 

You will receive a download link instantly after purchasing a license.