AVmixer Lite - Main User Interface (UI) on Macbook Pro Laptop
AVmixer Lite - Touchscreen Friendly User Interface
AVmixer Lite - Main User Interface (UI) Screenshot
AVmixer Lite - Main User Interface (UI) Overview
AVmixer Lite - TouchOSC Template

AVmixer Lite

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AVmixer Lite is a three channel video mixer with real-time effects specially designed for live visual performance at concerts, dance parties, and corporate events. It has a simple yet powerful user interface that resembles the traditional DJ mixing software. All of the on-screen UI elements are touchscreen friendly for quick and fast interaction. For real-time video effects and MIDI integration, please download and try AVmixer Pro.


Key Features:

  • Mix three channels of video
  • Touchscreen friendly interface
  • Real-time compositing of MOV and Gif
  • Software keystone
  • Syphon support for Mac
  • Support full range of MIDI controllers

System Requirements
- Windows or Mac OSX
- Latest Quicktime player installed 
- Some additional third-party drivers (for PC users only) 

AVmixer Pro supports all types of MOV movie codecs, from H264, Photo Jpeg, Pro-Res, to DV, basically any video that your Quicktime Player can play, you can mix it in AVmixer. It even plays Gif animations.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a download link instantly via email. Be sure 'try before you buy', you can download a Free copy of the trial version at our download page.