AVmixer Pro and Lite 2.5 update

AVmixer Pro and Lite version 2.5 is now available with a new video engine VIDDLL for improved performance, Spout support on PC and compatibility on OSX High Sierra. This is a free update to anyone who previously have purchased a license. A download link has been sent to your email address, please check your Inbox/Spam email folder for an email from Neuromixer. If you did not recieve the update download email, please send us a message.


You can send and receive video through the Spout framework on PC. Like its counterpart Syphon on Mac, the ability to virtually send video signal between VJ applications opens up almost infinite amounts of possibilities. You no longer have to rely on just one piece of VJ software for live performance. For example, send generative visuals from Processing, OpenFrameworks or Unity and then mix it with other video loops inside AVmixer. Additionally you can send your final video mix from AVmixer to Mad Mapper for video mapping.


Both PC and Mac versions of AVmixer now uses VIDDLL video engine. It supports a wide variety of video codecs such as H264, Photo-Jpeg and HAP. There are some other optimizations done on the software to improve overall playback speed and performance. Now you can play three 1280x720 (720p) Photo-Jpeg Quicktime videos at 30fps.


AVmixer is known for able to play a variety types of video formats, still images as well as GIF animations. With AVmixer version 2.5, we are now using VIDDLL video engine instead of the traditional Quicktime engine. Additionally it supports HAP codec.



With today's Graphics card (GPU) increasingly becoming more and more powerful on desktop and laptop computers, most live VJ applications are also following this trend by shifting the backend video processing and effects to GPU based for much improved performance and reliability. We are working on moving AVmixer's mixing and effects to GPU to further improve the video playback speed and utilize today's computer graphics technology fully.

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